Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Why am I happy today???????????

My two favorite shows have their season premiers tonight! Greys Anatomy and ER!!!

I don't know why I am into the medical shows so much. Everyone thinks it is because of Anna, but really I loved ER before Anna was born, and Strong Medicine, and Chicago Hope. I could never get into any of the Law in order shows or anything. Although, last night I watched Private practice, a new spin off of Greys Anatomy. I have to admit, I could get addicted but I will try not to. I am not one of those people who has a show to watch every night or more, and has to TiVo them. I don't even have a TiVo because that would be trouble for me. Because I could be one of those people. One night, back to back shows, that's all I can do. I can't afford to become addicted to other shows! I make sure the girls are in bed, and I watch. No one is to bother me. Should I feel guilty? I don't think so, but sometimes I do. I put them to bed early, so that I can watch a show or two. It's not like I'm hurting them by watching my shows, I even let them put a movie on in their bedroom (so that they don't bother me). HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, the Birthday week is over. The girls have had a fabulous week full over birthday celebrations! Monday we went to Giordano's with Jason's parents. Aside from them screwing up our order and having to have the Birthday girl's wait for their peperoni pizza, it was fun.

We came home (stuffed) and had cake (which I had to force down my throat) and the girls opened their gifts from Grandma and Papa. I originally made a cake for the girls, but somehow while I was frosting it, it fell apart. It was so bad that it was unsaveable. Since I waited till that day to make the cake, I didn't have time to attempt another one, so I had to go buy one for $13.99. Otherwise, the cake mix and the frosting barley reached three dollars. Oh well, I tried.

I would have taken more pictures, but of course my camera ran low on batteries and I didn't have anymore on hand. I really hate when that happens because I am all about taking pictures! And, speaking being camera happy, the girls have been taking many pictures with their new "digital camera's." They have taken a lot, and most of the time they don't turn out very well, but once in a while you'll get pictures like these that makes it all worth while:

photo016 photo014

photo012 photo008

photo006 photo005

photo020 photo016

They took their camera's outside and obviously forgot to take any of Anna! Mary and her friend were too involved with taking pictures, and having pictures taken of themselves with Mary's webkinz and Brianna's (Mary's nieghbor firend) guinni pig. Uncle Victor came over Sunday to watch the Bears, and that picture up top of Mary with him, Anna took. I love how the girls possed the barbie dolls for a photo shoot! And the poor cats, with the wbkinz.

Tuesday wasn't really celebrated, unless you want to count a trip to the Dentist the day before Mary turns 10, a birthday celebration. It wasn't bad this time though. Mary cooperated for once, so that helped. Anna has two more cavities. This makes 8 cavities in her 6 years. When Anna opened her mouth for the Dentist, he took one look and wanted x-rays. I knew this wasn't good. So, we go back next month, on MY Birthday of course, to get fillings. They also let me know that Anna doesn't have much room in her mouth for all of those teeth that are coming in, so they WILL grow in crooked. She WILL need braces in the future and possibly some teeth pulled to make room. The poor girl, and of course it has to be her that has dental problems, right? Mary's teeth are perfect though. Thank God, because she could not handle fillings.

Tomorrow we are going for labs and a 24 hour urine creatinine clearance test. Today I am collecting all of the urine Anna passes and keeping it in my fridge in a container clearly marked so that no one mistakes it for apple juice. YUCK! This test is done to monitor kidney function of children who have been on medication that can affect kidney function. I'm sure it will turn out fine though!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Birthday Princess'

Anna's 6th Birthday was yesterday. I really wanted to post, but I was having trouble with my Internet. I can't believe my beautiful girl is 6 already. She has been through more in her life than most people go through in a lifetime. God bless her, she is just a perfect little girl.

Also, my older little princess, Mary, will be 10 next week! I have no idea where those 10 years went. Double digits, that's a big deal! She is starting to act like a preteen, let me tell ya!

We did things a little differently this year for them. We usually have two separate family parties for them on their original birthdays so they have their own special days. I am so over that! It just didn't work out conveniently this year, so we decided to just wing it.

Yesterday for Anna's birthday Anna and I made cupcakes for her class. I was also classroom helper mom. It was nice to watch Anna in the school environment, see how she acted with her teacher and classmates. I got to watch her friends sing happy birthday to her and them all indulge in their cupcakes, along with Anna's teacher! I will do the same for Mary on her Birthday!

001 005

Today we decided to let the girls go on a shopping spree. They had a blast! Usually when we go to the mall they aren't really allowed to buy stuff for themselves because we are usually there to go shopping for things we need or birthday parties, and stuff like that. They shopped the sales! Of course we gave them a spending limit, but they got a lot more for the money than we expected. They each got an outfit (pictured below), a necklace from the Limited Too that have their first initials on it, a digital camera (those little Disney ones), a webkinz, and Anna got a pair of shoes. The digital camera's work ok, I guess I expected a little better. Here are some of the pictures that the girls took:

photo003 photo011 photo003 photo005

I asked them if they wanted to take the camera's back, but they want to keep them. I quess they just like knowing that they can take pictures on their own.

Here is a picture of them after their "shopping spree"

Check out these outfits!

Moday we are celebrating with Jason's parents. Again both Birthdays at the same time. The girls gave Grandma and Papa some nice long lists. I really hope they don't get them everything they asked for! So, more pictures to come!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Night Out

I never post pictures of
Jason and I together, do I?
We had a great weekend. It
has been a long time since
Jason and I have had a night
out. Our good friend Justin
got Married Saturday,and Jason
was one of the groomsmen. It
was the perfect excuse to get
out without the kids, and we had
an awesome time. There were a lot
of people there that I haven't
seen since High School. It was
just about as awkward as a high
school reunion at first, but then
after a while we all got comfortable
with each other again. Of course, I
brought my camera but didn't take
pictures at the reception. We were
having too much fun for me to really
think about it. I can't wait for the
professional pictures though, they
will look a lot better than the one
up top with my cheap-o camera.


May I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Vin Diesel! Just kidding, but doesn't Justin look like him? You should see, a lot of their mannerisms are the same too. It's not just the bald head, trust me.

Justin with his beautiful 2 month old, Haley. Such a proud Daddy.

Just a little tipsy.

The girls had a nice time at my friend Michelle's house. Jason's parents are usually the ones to watch them, but they came to the wedding too! Good thing because were seated at the same table, and I didn't have Jason because he was at the head table with wedding party. Like I said, it was a little awkward at first. Anyway, we didn't get home until about 1:00 AM so obviously the girls spent the night. When I went to pick them up the next morning I didn't even get a "hi mommy." They were all playing a game and barely noticed that I walked through the door. I had to get them early because I had a baby shower to go to that day. Without the kids, again. Actually I would have loved for them to come but it was at a fancy house full of breakables and God knows the girls would have destroyed something. Jenny got a lot of stuff, and that baby is going to be a very well dressed little boy.

Now that the weekend is over it's time to plan for next weekend. Anna's Birthday is on Friday and I will be helping out in her classroom along with bringing a birthday snack for the class. We will be doing something for both of the girls over the weekend since Mary's Birthday is on the 19th. We usually just celebrate them both together since the Birthdays are only 5 days apart. I am sure I will have pictures to post of my Birthday girls soon!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hello September!

Things are settling down around here for now. Last week Mary and Anna had a less eventful week at school than the week before with the Tornado Warning and being held at school on the second day. Both Mary and Anna are loving school so far. I went to both of their curriculum nights last week. Curriculum night is when you go to your child's school and listen to what the principle and PTA has to say, then you are dismissed to your child's classroom to hear what the teacher has planned for the children during the school year. It was nice to get out, without the kids even though it was for the kids. This week is a short week with Labor day. Mary is starting orchestra today, she was so excited to bring her Viola with her to school. She is also going to sign up for the 4Th and 5Th grade chorus. So, between Orchestra performances, and rehearsals and Chorus performances and rehearsals, our year will be booked. I also plan on Anna starting Daisies this year. Mary did Daisies in Kindergarten and was a brownie through 2ND grade. She would still be in it if it wasn't for her starting 3rd grade in a different school district. They didn't have any room in their troop of 22 girls at her new school. It wasn't that big of a deal to her, she was disappointed but got over it pretty quickly. I think she was outgrowing girls scouts, and they usually start dropping out in third grade anyway. So, now I am filling up my calender with school stuff.

September will very soon be a busy month, the quiet will not last for long. Anna's Birthday is on the 14Th, Mary's Birthday is on the 19TH, we have a wedding to go to this Saturday, and a baby shower the day after. Then we have my niece's 7Th Birthday and Jason's second cousin, so the girl's third cousin's 8Th Birthday. Not to mention all the school functions going on. But the thing I am most excited for is that my friend Jenny is due to have her baby late this month, she is expecting her second boy, and we just cant wait!

Last Saturday the girls enjoyed going over to their cousins house for a visit. It was nice to visit with my sister Wendy and her kids Randy and Krystal. My brother Tim also showed up with his wife and 2 year old daughter Hannah.

Also, over the weekend Anna lost her 5Th and 6Th tooth! The tooth fairy is going broke! Her teeth just keep falling out, with a little help from Anna of course. She just won't leave them alone. I begged her not to mess with them until at least some of her big teeth come in! One more thing on the to do list this month is to pay a visit to the dentist for Mary and Anna. Last time we were there, only 6 months ago, Anna only had a few loose teeth. Our dentist is going to have a heart attack when Anna opens her mouth for her! Every time we go to the dentist we are told that Anna needs work. Poor girl has already had a root canal and 6 cavities. She was having problems with sensitivity because she grinds her teeth in the middle of the night, and she had them ground down to the nerves. She has had a set of sealants put in that are already gone from her grinding. I guess it's a good thing she is loosing all her teeth at once, because once she gets all her big teeth she will be fitted for a night guard so that she doesn't ruin her big teeth. The way things are going, she will loose all of her teeth at once and they will all grow in at the same time and we won't have a problem with ruining her big teeth. Thank god she is good at the dentist. Mary freaks out when she goes, and she hasn't even had a cavity yet! Anyway, wish us luck with that, hopefully she won't need any additional work done this time!

Ok, I know I am a picture freak, but I just can't help posting pictures of the girls!

Here are the with their cousins at my sister's house. From Left to Right: Mary, Anna, Krystal, Hannah, Alexandria, and Randy
I don't know why I never get anyone to take pictures of me with my girls, or with my niece and nephew, or with my own Sister and Brother. If you want to see a picture of Wendy and myself just look at the picture of Mary, and the one of Krystal together, and there you go. Me and Wendy as kids! It's uncanny!

And, miss Anna with all of her missing teeth being silly! She says she looks like a Halloween pumpkin. At least she has that big front tooth, and her two bottoms growing in so nicely!