Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a little inside joke guys!

To my lovely brother-in-law.

You know I love ya!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey all!

Sorry it's been so long. Ok, I know, I know, I seem to always update starting out that way. I doubt anybody even visits here anymore, so if you have patience with me, thank you so much!

I am finding it hard to balance my time between kids, housework, school, and getting those naps in during the day (which is absolutely necessary when you get up at 3 in the morning for work, and can't get to bet until 10 or later depending on when the kids finally get to sleep). I rarely get to sit down to do anything more than check my e-mail, online banking and a quick check on some blogs that I like to visit. I don't have the time to comment, or write e-mails so I am sorry for that too.

A few things have happened this month. First of all, Alexandria celebrated her 4th birthday! I can't believe she is four already! Gosh, time flies! In events ot come, Alexandria has her first dance recital in May! Can't wait to post pictures of that one! I love first dance recital pictures!



Next, Mary started her first year of softball. She has done baseball in the past, I want to say in first and second grade, but not since then. I think she was kind of in between wanting to keep going with baseball, but not sure how the boys would be as they get older (probably not that great of an idea, when they are little it's fine but they can start really not liking having a girl on their team after that) and wanting to try softball, but she wasn't sure how different it would be and I don't think she likes the competition with other girls! So anyway, she finally decided she wanted to go for softball this year and she really is very good. These other girls on her team are no better than her, which Mary was afraid of because most of them have been playing since T-ball without a break. I think her experience with baseball (and the fact that Jason always plays catch and takes her to batting cages) really helped her and she will be just as good (or better) than the other girls on her team. Plus, she seemed to really hit it off with these girls and I think she will have an awesome season with lots of fun!



And last, but not least, Anna is thriving in the new gymnastics facility where she is taking classes. For a while we had her in classes at out park district building, but the room was so small that she could not advance any further. This is a bit more expensive, but so worth it! Anna looks forward to going every week and the class is long enough to where it seems like they have more of a chance to work on tricks they learn that day where as at the other place it seemed that they would have time to learn something, maybe try it a few times, then it was time to leave and by the next class all is forgotten. So anyway she was started in beginners 2 only because she needed to "clean up" her tricks. They are more strict here with how they want things done but not harsh on them, which I like. So, during spring break they had what they call Flip Flop clinic where they concentrate only on how to do a flip flop (translation: back flip using your hands). We signed Anna up with the intention of getting her familiar with how it done and to get a feel for it because in the Advanced beginners class (the next level up which she will be in next session)this is where they start to learn to do it. Well, in one hour, Anna learned to do it! She can do a flip flop! I never would have imagined she would learn that so fast, and neither did anyone else. I could tell how impressed the coaches and other mothers where. I am so mad I did not have my camera with me to take a video of it. I wasn't able to go to the last class either because I was in the ER with strep, and she can't do it yet at home without a large padded mat (I won't let her, she probably would if I let her). I promise to take a video when we go again, I promise!

And here is a photo of Anna, just because I posted pictures of the other girls!

Look for updates on Easter, and our First Cubs game outing of the season.......Eventually!