Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sitting here at Children's

I'm just sitting here in the surgical observation area, watching Anna and Jason sleep. We woke up at 4:30 this morning so they are pooped. I on the other hand, I guess I'm just used to waking up early. On a normal work day I am already up for for an hour and a half by that time.

Anna went in for her biopsy by eight this morning, done by 8:15am, and it is now 10:00am. She did so well, as usual. I was a little worried because she was a bit nervous this time around. Her nervousness really surprised me because she is usually so nonchalant about this stuff. I guess she is just getting older and more aware of what is happening and why. Before it was all fun stuff because she gets spoiled here.

Dr. Ekong came out after the procedure, said everything went fine, and was on her way to do a biopsy on this tiny little baby that was waiting in the holding area. The mommy handed the baby off with tears in her eyes. Being here brings back memories of Anna when she was that little and how scared we were for her. I wanted to go over to that mom and give her a hug, and tell her it would all be OK. It feels like just yesterday when Jason and I were in those parents' position. I also remember that there is nothing you can say that would comfort those parents. The only thing would be for the doctor to come out and say that it was all a big mistake, your child does not have a liver disease, she is perfectly healthy!

So Anyway, Dr. Ekong let us know that she was not going to put a rush on looking at the biopsy because she doesn't anticipate anything showing up especially with her labs from Sunday looking so good. When she left Jason and I discussed how very silly that sounded to us. Didn't she say that last time? Her labs did look perfect, but there were still signs of rejection in her biopsy. It's not that I want her to put a rush on it because Anna is not showing any symptoms of any sort, it just sounded silly the way she put it. A few days is nothing, and I'll bet everything is fine.

So, here we sit until 2:00 this afternoon, and they had better let us go right away! I'll go nuts just sitting her. I don't know how I did this for weeks at a time.