Saturday, January 26, 2008

You won't believe this child!

I know this is hardly an update, but none of you would ever guess what Anna just did!

She pulled her tooth out with a pair of pliers!!!!!!!! Trust me, it is nothing I allowed her to do, but how could I be mad at her. When she came out of the bathroom she looked so proud of what she did. She had a tooth that was loose (from only this morning) and it was bothering her, she pulled it out. Problem solved. Would else would she do?

Maybe I will have a little dentist on my hands!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Jason's 32nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Jason! We celebrated last night at his parents house because we have so much going on today. Among-st other things, Jason's mom is going for yet another surgery today! This will be th fourth since she was diagnosed to have lymph nodes takes out. They wanted one last one taken out about two weeks ago and they did it, but when she went to see her oncologist last week he felt the same one he wanted removed last time. That means they removed the wrong one, so now they want that same one removed. This time the oncologist circled, with pen, where the lymph node is that he wants the surgeon to remove. So, 32 years years after giving birth to Jason, she is going in for surgery. Poor lady, she is so sick of this already, and she hasn't even started the treatment yet. She is supposed to go on Wednesday to have her first radiation treatment, I don't know if that will have to be postponed or not. Please pray all goes well with that.

Yesterday before we celebrated Jason's birthday Mary and I went dress shopping for my friend Jenny's wedding. She isn't getting married until December, but we want to get as much done now as we can. Anyway, dresses are a big deal, it will take a few trips to figure it all out I'm sure. Jenny has eight brides maids, including myself as the maid of honor, and Mary as a junior bridesmaid. Anna and Alex will be in the wedding too, they will both be flower girls! It's going to be fun!

Tonight Jason's good friend Victor took us out for dinner at Joe's crab shack for Jason's birthday! This is our most favorite restaurant! This time, instead of the regular kids menu stuff, Mary and Anna had snow crab! It was so fun for them to crack open the crab legs, and take the meat out, a lot of work too! Alex had the mac and cheese though. I was surprised that Mary and Anna wanted the crab and ate it too! I thought maybe they just wanted it so that they could crack the shells open, but they ate it up! So cute! We had a lot of fun. Thank you Victor!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alexandria using the Potty!!!!!


This has me so excited. We have been trying for so long to potty train this child and it has finally stuck with her! Over the past few days she has had only a few accidents. Last night she fell asleep at 6 o'clock in the evening, slept through the night until 7 this morning and she stayed dry! No accidents today so far also (knock on wood). I took her to the store with big girl Disney princess pants on and she kept dry while we were out! I thought of putting a pull up on, but I figured why not try our first trip out without a pullup and see what happens. She is doing really good, and I have let her decide when it's time to go instead of asking her to try every 30 minutes. Looks like we are almost there! So excited, no more diapers for me to change!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hope you all weren't too worried about us! No, we are not still sick, although while we were it was a pain in the butt to get rid of, but it's all gone and everyone is back in health. We had a busy 2 weeks while the girls were on Christmas break from school. It's hard to update when everyone is home and we have to share one computer! Today the girls go back to school! Thank you God! Mary and Anna where at each others necks for two weeks. You would think with all the new things they got for Christmas they would be occupied. We actually didn't do very much of anything for these two weeks, some of it was trying to feel better and doctor appointments, and who gets what medicine at what time while trying not to mix up the bottles.

Last week we got to have my good friend Jenny and her two boys over. That was fun, the girls had a good time, and I got my baby fix! Baby Noah is almost three months old and as cute as ever! He is giggling a lot, always smiling and just such a happy baby! Jason was home this time so he got to see what it was like to have some boy children around! HA HA!

Brandon doesn't like the camera, so that's why he is not in any of these pictures. Sorry Jenny. And for some reason nobody likes to take pictures of me at all!

I still have yet to see my niece Christina since I visited them in the hospital after she was born. Whenever I make plans with my brother they get canceled for one reason or another. I hope to have pictures of her too soon. She is just one day older than Noah. I might get a chance this coming Friday. I had to make an appointment for Anna at the dentist at Children's because I noticed that one of her larger filling fell out! Now she has a big hole in one of her teeth, and that can't be good. My brother's house would be basically on the way home, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that we can keep this date and I'll remember my camera.

Also, in news for Jason's mom. She had some of the lymph nodes, along with the mass in her breast, removed. Three surgeries. The first was before she was diagnosed, she had the lump removed and it was found to be cancerous. That was back at the end of October. Then, she had surgery to remove some of the lymph nodes on that same side. That wasn't done until after Thanksgiving. Then she had one last lymph node removed last week that showed up. All of the nodes were found to be non cancerous! This is very good news! That means the cancer didn't spread to them, and now she is classified to have stage one breast cancer. She will start radiation treatment next week. It will last for 4-5 weeks. I think she will have to go daily, and I am not sure how long each treatment lasts for. I know she is not looking forward to this, but she is so grateful that she will not have to do chemotherapy right now. This is good news, and we are all so grateful. Lynne is also in very good spirits and she is ready to fight cancers butt!

As much as I hate making new years resolutions, this year I did. I don't' usually keep them, but I will try so very hard this year. My goal is just to keep every eating healthy and getting exercise. That shouldn't' be too hard, right? Diets aren't easy, and that's what I usually shoot for. A lifestyle change should be lots easier. Actually it already has been! Keeping a nice big bowl of fruit out to snack on seemed like it would not have worked, but I did it and it is a hit! Everyone loves it, and it curbs your appetite while giving you something sweet as well. My fridge is stocked with yogurt and veggies, and diet soda instead of regular. My meals are more balanced, and I haven't used my deep fryer in weeks! Everyone is really taking to this and it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am having a ball taking recipe ideas from my cooking lite magazine! It is fun to have a healthy, tasty meal and learning new ways to make healthy foods taste great! The only thing that is challenging is the exercise part. Jason and I have had only one day when we were able to do this. We can't leave the kids in the house by themselves, Grandma isn't always feeling well enough to have them over, and it's hard to walk with sidewalks full of snow. We walked for 2 and a half miles the other day and it wasn't easy. The day after it was 60 degrees outside, beautiful, but my shin muscles were hurting to bad to walk. I know it sounds pathetic, but I really don't get exercise, so this was really different. I know once I get past the achy muscles and learning the right way to breath I'll be just fine. My goal right now is to be able to run for two and a half miles without running out of breath.

Anyone else doing the healthy eating thing for their New Year resolutions?