Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stuff to update

Well, since the last time I updated there have been some things going on around here. First of all..........I got a job offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

It might not be exactly what I had in mind, but I gotta take it because I am lucky to even get an offer the way the job market is right now. It's part time, 4am-8am. Ouch! It's an awesome hospital though, it's where I did my internship at so I know how things are done, for the most part. They offer benefits, the pay is good, and hopefully when a full time position comes along with the hours I like, I'll be considered. I'm just happy to be able to do this. Another good thing is that I'll be home for the girls all day and I won't need to spend lots of money on child care.

In other news we purchased a second car! It was getting old having only one car and with me starting a job it was needed even more. It's a 2006 mini van, in great condition, very low millage, and we got a great deal on it. Good thing I had an extra Donate Life magnet to put on it or nobody would know it's mine! HAHAHAHAHA!

Also, we had an appointment at Children's last Thursday and Anna's doing great! Her labs look perfect, still, and we were able to get a lot of questions answered from our favorite (not to mention, the best) liver doctor. She really put our minds at ease with this whole rejection thing. We feel so much better about everything now. She will be watched closely, still with biweekly labs, and she will have a repeat biopsy in late spring/early summer. We are assuming that everything is fine with her being back on her meds with liver numbers staying stable. They said that the biopsy definitely showed rejection, no doubt about it, but it was caught before it showed up in her lab work. If she wouldn't have had her biopsy when she did, and was still off of her meds, there is no question that her labs would have started to show increases in her liver numbers. She would have become noticeably jaundiced, along with other signs of liver problems. At that point there would have been some amount of liver damage. So, since it was caught right away, all is good, her liver is still perfect!

Also, Mary and I went to a solo concert on Saturday where Mary was judged for her performance. She did very well, she did mess up once, so before she got her score she was freaking out. They are judged against themselves and it's scored according to grade level, how long they have played for, appearance, memorization, and how they hold themselves and their instruments. May got the highest score possible! She will receive a medal in class next week! Go Mary!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I took this video of Alexandria dancing to her favorite song, Disturbia! Not the most appropriate song for a 3 year old, but oh well! She was watching the video a lot on TV and learned the dance on her own! It's so cute, the only problem is that the video is dark. I tried to do it this morning with the sun out and the shades open, but she won't do it on demand anymore. There are some parts that she just stands there, but mostly she is jamming! SO FUNNY!

Anna's doing fine

Anna's labs looked good. This would make me feel better, but since her labs looked good the same day of her biopsy, it doesn't make me feel as good as it should. Now Anna has a cold! The joys of immune suppression.


Sorry to leave everyone hanging. I know I left the last post in a very negative attitude, but I am feeling better about this now. It's just that I have never had to deal with the news of rejection before, and I have been so used to good news when I get called with results, it was such a shocker! The main thing is that Anna's doing fine. We are still waiting on her last labs though. I will let you know when we get results (probably later today).

She has been a little cranky and getting headaches which are probably side effects from being on these medications again. Otherwise, she is the same beautiful, sweet little girl.