Sunday, October 26, 2008

Most Beautiful!

No, I'm not just bragging, the vote was unanimous!

Mary won most beautiful in a costume contest at our park district's Halloween fun fair!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let me just first let you all know, for those that don't check Annika's Mom's blog, that Annika is doing fine. For updates please visit Moreena's blog here.

I have had a busy week. First of all last Thursday Anna had her annual 3 month checkup at transplant clinic at Children's. She had something like 12 tubes of blood drawn, and we saw the doctor. Her part in the study is going very well. All of her labs (which are drawn every other week) have been looking normal, even now with her only taking her medication twice a week! Also, her liver feels good, they can't feel her spleen (that's also good), everything checks out! If you weren't looking at her charts or her scar on her belly, you would just never know she ever had anything as serious as a liver transplant. Lately I have really been reflecting on Anna's past and her health now, how we got to where we are, and how lucky we are to have this precious little girl in good health with us today. What a little miracle!

We also got to see Moreena last Thursday after clinic. Anna had gotten Annika something special thinking that she was just going to be inpatient and we would be able to visit with her and her mom. Then I found out late the night before that Annika had been called for transplant! Obviously, since Annika was basically fresh out of the OR, we only just met her mom outside of the Pediatric ICU to give her the gift for Annika. We found out that Anna and Annika picked the same costume for Halloween this year, must be because they are liver buddies!

Speaking of Halloween, we spent much of the day yesterday searching Halloween stores for cool costumes. Mary is going to be Miss America, Anna is going to be a zombie cheerleader, and Alex will be super girl! Mary's costume is easy because we already had the dress, all she needed was a Miss America sash, which I found on ebay, and a tiara. Anna's costume is also easy because Mary was a zombie cheerleader when she was in first grade so we already have the costume. I thought maybe Anna would change her mind while shopping because she wanted to be part of the shopping experience, but she was fine with not being able to buy anything. We did get some black and white makeup for her, so maybe that helped. Alex picked Super girl! She has really been into the new Superman movie, Superman Returns, so I could understand why she picked that. I just don't know how she started liking that movie so much because it's not really a movie that you would think a 3 year old would like, but Alex does. I'm most surprised that she didn't want to be a princess of some sort. We are also attending a costume party/birthday party this year, and the host says we all have to be dressed up in order to come, so Jason and I had to get a costumes also. It might sound lame, but I'm going as a pink lady, and Jason is going as a greaser aka, T'Bird! I love Grease, so Jason graciously agreed to be a greaser to compliment my pink lady costume! Thanks babe!

We also had Noah's 1st Birthday party over the weekend. I can't believe my baby boy (I mean Jenny's baby boy), is already one! He has been walking for almost a month now, if I hadn't mentioned that before. I think he enjoyed his party, he didn't really get deep into his cake, he was trying to pick up the number 1 written on his cake with blue frosting with he thumb and pointer finger, it was so very cute! He did make out with some very awesome clothes, really cool toys, and mu-la for other stuff he needs and wants! The best gift of all for him was having his favorite "Auntie" and "cousins" there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Other than that I have just been studying for my midterm for one class, and a final exam for another class. I took those today and I think I did well on both exams, but it wouldn't hurt to have some crossed fingers for good results so that I can keep up my 4.0 (please don't get that excited for my having a 4.0, it's counted for 1 class that I did over the summer, my first ever college course!) It would be awesome, however, to keep that 4.0 because it would help me to get into their nursing program, which is my ultimate goal.

Ok, what else. I think that's about it. I'll just finish up with a couple of pictures from Noah's party!

From this..............................

To this...............................
How does that happen in a year?!

More random pictures from the party.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Prayers for Annika


Continue to PRAY PLEASE. Annika is needing a lot of blood and fluids during her transplant.


Ok, everyone who might still read my blog. Hopefully people will browse here by chance, maybe even pass it on to your friends.

We need prayers for a fellow liver buddy of ours. Her name is Annika, some of you might read her mom's blog, Falling Down Is Also a Gift. She was listed for her third transplant within the past few weeks, and she received her call for transplant today, and on her mom's birthday!

Unfortunately, this will not be an easy transplant due to many past surgeries she has had in that area, not to mention her previous 2 transplants. Her surgeon (the same surgeon that did Anna's transplant) is estimating 18 hours. Please say prayers for this sweet little girl who has been through so much, her family, and the donor family.

Gosh, this picture is so old, Anna was 4, so three years ago. I think that was the last time we saw Annika, I just wanted to put a face to Annika's name.