Friday, March 13, 2009

Locks of love

Out of the kindness of her heart, Anna decided to cut a couple more inches off her hair than she was going to, so that there would be enough for her to be able to donate hair to locks of love! It was such a sweet thing to do, Mary did it too last year! Anna's reasoning for this..."I know what it's like to be sick and sad."

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 7 year transplant anniversary Anna!

Seven years already! We celebrated Anna's anniversary last night by going to TGI Fridays as we do every year. We make a big deal out of her anniversary every year, we treat it kind of like a birthday party. Well, it's like a re-birthday party! Anna gets presents too, and this year since she's a big shot gymnast now, she asked for a new, good, leotard. I guess the ones she has is just not good enough now that she is in an academy and all the girls wear really good leotards. In my mind 35 dollars is a bit much for such a small piece of fabric but after I purchased it I could see how much nicer it is than the ones she has and it will probably last longer too. If you have time, take another look at the Anniversary video on the right side of this screen. I made it last year but it still a great reminder of how far Anna has come!

Alex and I also made Anna a cake, Alex put the sprinkles on! Also Notice the spelling of Anniversary!

Also, today I made some cupcakes for Anna's class at school. I am getting ready to bring them in. Supposedly Anna is going to tell the class about what the green ribbons mean. That would be great, but is she doesn't they still just look pretty!