Thursday, July 24, 2008

Over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry to anyone who might still be checking in for updates! Anyone? I am so sorry, we've just been enjoying our summer, and school for myself is taking up a lot of my free time! We haven't gone anywhere on vacation this year, and the girls start school in less than a month, so I don't think we will. I can hardly believe that summer is almost over and I will have both older girls in school full time. I don't know what Alex and I will do without the older girls around, but we have lots of time with Anna going into first grade now. Anyway, Mary is doing a summer orchestra, and Anna has started gymnastics. Mary is getting really good on her viola, and Anna is obsessed with perfecting her cartwheels, roundoff and hand stands into back bridges ( I don't know what the term is for that). So, look what she can do now! HERE