Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Fun!

Sorry for the delay in posts everyone. My computer has not been working correctly and I will be lucky if I can finish this post and publish it. This post will be mostly pictures and of Halloween. The girls had a lot of fun. Mary went as a Zombie Cheerleader, Anna was Cinderella and Alexandria was a flower. It was perfect Halloween weather here, gloomy with some drizzle. Enjoy the pictures!

Here is Anna last Thursday at her preschool parade Dressed as Cinderella!
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This is the pumpkin that the girls carved with a little help from daddy. I was busy separating the seeds from the gunk to get them ready for roasting.
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I'm not one to spend a lot of time decorating the house for Halloween, but we do have a year round Halloween decoration, Our big black cat Gizmo!
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My Girls posing for the camera before going out for trick or treat.
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Mary and Anna hitting the first house up for candy.
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Five Questions

Quiz taken at the request of Laurie

5 things I plan to do before I die:
1) own a home
2) learn to Quilt
3) give birth to a boy!
4) buy a yellow mustang
5) see each of my daughters off to College (and hopefully my son!)

5 things I can do:
1) french braid
2) make the world's best pot of chili ( so I've been told)
3) make it everywhere on time with 3 kids
4) sew
5) save a lot of money using coupons

5 things I can’t do:
1) Whistle
2) bake
3) cook thanksgiving dinner (maybe I could if I was given the chance)
4) ice skate
5) Algebra (that will be daddy's job to teach the kids)

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1) sense if humor
2) understanding
3) dark hair
4) nice smell
5) nice butt (sorry, have to be truthful)

5 things that I say most often:
1) "oh my God!"
2) "you go girl"
3) "sweatpea"
4) "whaz up?"
5) "yah, uh huh, right, ok!"

5 celebrity crushes:
1) Mel Gibson
2) George Clooney
3) John Travolta
4) Matthew Mchonahay
5) Nicholes Cage

5 people I want to do this:
1) Colleen
2) Becca
3) Valerie
4) Beth
5) Rowan

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gymnastics class

Observation day for Anna's gymnastics class was held last week. Parents got to go and watch what the children have learned for the past eight weeks. Anna was definitely comfortable showing off for us, which is unusual for her. When we are at home and she is dancing to music in her room she'll stop as soon as we walk in the door. Ballet class was the same last year. If she saw me peek in she would stop what she was doing right then and there and yell at me, "don't watch me!" Sounds braty I know, but that's the way she is, or was I guess. The instructers would try to help her and she would tell them, "no, I can do it myself!" After everything she did in class she stopped first to make sure we were watching (Jason, myself and Grama went) then would look directly at us as she finished with the biggest smile she could give. She was very proud of herself, and we were very proud of her. It made me mad that all of the other parents were not watching their kids, but talking to each other instead. I guess I can appreciate these things more than them. They were letting their other children do as they please, so I was trying to snap pictures and they were getting in the way, and on top of that my camera was running out of battery power so the pictures didn't come out very well.

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Not much else going on here. The girls are excited about Halloween. Anna is going to be Cinderella (that was a given) Mary wanted to be something scarey, she's going as a zombie cheerleader (can't wait to see how that turns out) Alexandria is going as a flower. I have scrubs from when Anna was inpatient so I will be a nurse or doctor, and Jason got a black robe, I'm not sure what he is going as, the grim reaper or something? Your guess is as good as mine. I don't really like dressing up for Halloween, but Jason and the girls call me a party pooper if I don't. Halloween is Jason's holiday. He loves it, I like to pick through the girls candy for chocolate! Friday we are going to Six Flags Great America for frightfest. That should be fun, haunted houses and scary people walking around. We will all have a good time, except Alex, she will have fun with Grama.

Speaking of Alex, she is almost there with her crawling and is sitting up well on her own. It sure is amazing how much they change in 6 months. She went to doing nothing to doing everything. Still waiting for that first tooth to pop in though. Now that she is sitting on her own she can sit in her high chair. Look at how big she looks!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Angel Sarah

My dear friend Colleen lost her beautiful baby girl Sarah when she was only a little over a year old. She was listed for a Liver and Small Bowel Transplant, but didn't receive her gift of life on time. Today would have been her fourth birthday. Although I have never met Sarah's mother Colleen, she is a dear friend to me, and was in my thoughts and prayers today as she had to deal with not being with her baby girl on her birthday. We both have had three girls at about the same time, so this got me thinking today. How very lucky I am to still have Anna with us, as well as my other girls. It is not fair that Colleen couldn't wake up happy today on Sarah's birthday. To not be able to give her a kiss. To have to go to the cemetery to visit her on her birthday. My heart goes out to you Colleen. We love you.

Today the girls and I decided to give Sarah a little something on her birthday. We flew up 4 pink (Anna thought she would like pink) balloons for the little Angel in heaven with love notes written on two of them, and on the others the girls drew smiley faces. Happy Birthday Little Angel Sarah, We Love You!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Half Birthday's!

Today Alexandria turns 6 months old, in another half year we will be celebrating her first birthday, but for today we will celebrate her half year birthday!

Some people think this is weird, but we always celebrate our baby's 6 month birthday. The story behind it: When Mary turned 6 months old my in-laws, who we lived with at the time, came home with half a birthday cake and a couple small presents for her. I didn't think much of her turning 6 months old that day, but her Gama and Papa sure did. Mary was their first and only grandchild since Jason is an only child, so they made a big deal out of everything and spoiled her rotten. It turned out to be a sweet day, and it was fun to celebrate something in the month of March which is a pretty boring month anyway.

Today I was trying to remember if we had a party for Anna for her 6 month birthday. I was going through some pictures and came across these:

Here is the cake and a sign Anna's nurses made for her! Image hosted by
Daddy giving Anna a taste of cake
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After seeing these I remembered that I wasn't there with her for her 6 month birthday. It had been only one week since her liver transplant. Anna was still in the hospital and I was home recovering my operation. I didn't listen to the doctors when they told to take it easy. I wanted to be at the hospital with her as much as I could, and it wore me out to the point that I could not go on that day. I was in too much pain from being there with Anna those first few days after being discharged from the hospital myself. Leaning over the crib, feeding her, and anything else I could do for her. I felt so guilty for not being there with her during her transplant, and those critical hours afterwards, I guess I felt I had to make up for it. I didn't remember missing the party, until I saw these pictures. I think Jason kept it on the down low so that I wouldn't feel bad and make myself go when I knew I needed to rest.

Today I will go to the grocery store and try to find a half cake, for Alexandria. Maybe get her a little something. Thank you Dad and Mom for making half birthday's special!
Alexandria on HER special day, cake comes later tonight!
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