Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Life

Did you know that April is organ donation awareness month?

Every year in April Children's Memorial Hospital hosts a Celebrate life party for all transplant recipients from the hospital. We went this year (I think we've only missed two others in eight years) and we had a great time. It's such a wonderful thing to see, all these children that would not be here if it weren't for organ donation.

This year it was at the Brookfield zoo. They reserved the Private picnic area for our group. What a blast! It's nice to be able to meet other people who have children that have been through similar experience's as your child and it's especially nice for Anna to meet other kids like herself.

Oliver was one of Anna's wish granters. He is always at these party's to perform magic for the kids (spending a little extra time with mine because of his special connection with Anna). As always it is so nice to see Oliver and he has promised Anna that he will come and do magic at her next Birthday party! She was (is) so excited for that.

Secretary of State Jesse White came with his tumblers too. We didn't know but One of Anna's tumbling coaches is part of the team. Anna kept telling me that she saw her coach but I wasn't believing her. When I got a closer look I realized that it definitely was him! After their awesome performance Anna went up to him and he was more surprised to see her than we were to see him. I never had the need to let him know of Anna's condition so when he knew why we were there he was shocked! He was very excited to introduce Anna to Jesse White as one of his students!